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Some of you guys seemed to be interested in my ~ideal TV show (the one I've been on and off working on), so I did a write-up/picspam of the characters, season overview, and episode breakdown! Enjoy - and please let me know your thoughts about any aspect of this! I could use the feedback as I continue to develop this!

Ariella Edwards (Rosamund Pike) and her crew, known collectively as Singularity Investigations, live and work on a traveling PI ship, going around the universe and taking jobs where they come. When they take on a job for Jordan Carr (Jeremy Renner), the famous CEO of Carr Technologies, and start looking into the mystery of his sister’s disappearance, they soon realize that there's something deeper at play than a simple missing person. As they begin to discover secrets that they were never supposed to find out about, they learn that the people who want the secrets to stay buried will do all they can to destroy them. They learn that they have to depend on what they know and each other, or risk being driven apart forever.

Ariella Edwards is the captain of the Asteria, a private investigation ship that travels from planet to planet. Her mother disappeared when she was thirteen, driving her to become a private investigator because she feels like secrets destroyed her family. She is tough and does not believe in second chances or the goodness of people, nor does she care what others think of her or how she hurts them. Although she's ambitious, manipulative, and good at developing superficial contacts for her job, as she and her crew find themselves over their heads in their newest investigation, she begins to realize that sometimes, she only needs to give people a chance for them to prove that they will not disappoint.

Johanna is the cook and general organization manager on the Asteria. She and her 7-year-old daughter, Lyra, showed up almost nine months ago, and said that she was looking for a job while Ariella and the ship were docked at Aardia. After showing that she could handle herself in high stress situations, Johanna was allowed to join the crew - on the condition that Lyra didn't get in the way. Although Ariella would never admit it, nothing would get done without Johanna organizing everything and keeping everything straight. However, Johanna is not only the sweet mother she appears to be. She is running from her own deadly past - and that secret is something that might put the whole ship in danger.

Llewellyn "Wells" Forde is the pilot of the Asteria. Originally in the police force, he was captured and tortured for weeks by a serial killer, and although he managed to escape, he lost his entire family in the attack and sought to leave his old life behind forever. He knew his way around a ship, but he was consistantly overlooked by captains, given that his torture left him deaf and suffering from anxiety and depression. When Ariella hired him, she let him know that his being deaf didn't mean she would overlook any mistakes he made, but so far, Wells has proven that despite his disability and mental illnesses, he is a damn good pilot. As the group gets deeper into the conspiracy, though, Wells doesn't know if he'll be able to hold it together long enough to keep his new family safe.

James "Jamie" Mendelssohn has always wanted to see the world. As a mechanic working at a shipyard, he often dreamed about getting his own ship and leaving Tartarus behind. When the Asteria docked at Tartarus for a job, he snuck on board, never having seen a Class III Long-Range ship in person before. Unfortunately for him, the ship took off before he could get off, and he was stuck on board as a stowaway. When he was discovered, Ariella was all for airlocking him as a possible spy until Wells stepped in, saying that they should wait to get all the facts. As Jamie was locked up for them to "deal with later," an emergency developed on the ship, and he pointed out that he was the only one who could fix the ship before they all crashed. Afterwards, Ariella grudgingly offered him a position on the ship as a mechanic, and Jamie has never looked back since.

Karina is the ship's doctor. She was an up and coming surgeon on the galaxy's capital of Terra Nova and was entering her first year of residency after finishing medical school. However, something happened - something that she still won't discuss with anyone on the crew - and she left it all behind to work in the black market. Ariella picked her up after a job that had gone south, and although she hasn't completed her training, she now works as the general doctor, treating burns, bullets, and blaster wounds. She's not used to the rough and tumble life and doesn't get why the crew keeps getting themselves hurt, but she's determined to earn her place on the Asteria and prove that she can make it, no matter what it takes.

An assassin by trade, Milena is not planning to stick around this band of clowns any longer than she has to. As long as they're investigating the conspiracy that got her boyfriend killed, though, she figures that she'll play security and tactician for them, because she literally does not understand how they got on before she came on board. She's consistantly pulling their asses out of situations that could have been avoided if they would just think, but they will lead her to her boyfriend's killer(s), and Milena is determined to get justice for him, even if she is determined to stay emotionally detached from the rest of the crew, no matter how much they try and knock down her walls.

Jordan Carr grew up as an orphan of the streets after an accident that killed both his parents when he was fourteen. He suddenly found himself the guardian of his younger sister, who was seven at the time. Determined not to get separated in the foster care system, he ran away with Julia, using his skills as a hacker to get by until he made it big at the age of 18. He started Carr Industries, a technology and software company, and in the years since, it has expanded to be the technology company everyone wants to work for. Despite his important position though, Jordan still acts like a kid from time to time and loves fun and making other people laugh. His younger sister is his whole life, and he would give up everything for her if necessary.

Julia Carr was seven when her parents died. However, her brother shielded her from the worst of life on the streets, and after he made it big, he made sure that she never wanted for anything. She was determined to prove that she too, could make something of herself, so she eventually went into law school and became a lawyer, working in the criminal and family court sectors in order to make sure that what happened to her and Jordan wouldn't happen to any other children. Recently, she has disappeared, and although all signs point to her death, Jordan isn't ready to give up until he has a definite answer.

Episode 1x01: Ariella and her crew take a job for the famous CEO of Carr Industries, who tell them a story of the mysterious disappearance of his younger sister. He leads them to the only lead that he has - only to find out that the lead in question has been silenced. However, there might be another avenue of exploration.

Episode 1x02: Milena joins the Asteria, pointing out that she is as determined to solve this as they are. She brings them to the black market, where they get information that may get them closer to the answers they seek. Meanwhile, the crew struggles to trust each other and all the newcomers, and Jordan and Ariella butt heads over how to conduct this job.

Episode 1x03: As things actually start going well for the crew of the Asteria, Ariella's estranged father contacts her with a cryptic message that she needs to stop digging for answers. Her past and her difficult relationship with her family is revealed as they go back to Ariella's childhood home in order to figure out what her father - and perhaps her long-ago missing mother - has to do with Julia Carr's disappearance.

Episode 1x04: Things heat up when the team receives an anonymous threat. Wells experiences flashbacks when someone on the team is hurt, and Karina is worried that her lack of experience and training may lead her friend to die. An old connection from Jamie's past may reveal some helpful information as Ariella tries to figure out how to steer her crew out of this mess.

Episode 1x05: Johanna's past comes back to haunt the crew as the reason she was looking for a job comes to light.

Episode 1x06: An undercover lovers situation may provide the means for the crew to get some information they would not be able to otherwise. Jordan and Ariella struggle with their feelings for each other while undercover. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew deals with a new case that they need to finish without Ariella being able to help them. Just when things might be going well, they receive some shocking news.

Episode 1x07: Milena admits that she is not a simple security guard, as was previously assumed. A run-in with her brother leads the crew on a side mission as Ariella must decide whether or not to keep Milena on the ship.

Episode 1x08: The Asteria is closing in on answers, and Jordan admits to Ariella that he has feelings for her. As he gets the answers that he's been looking for, though, Ariella shocks him with a callous declaration of her own, and Jordan leaves the crew to look for his sister.

Episode 1x09: Fallout from the fight in the previous episode affects everyone in the crew. When Jordan runs into trouble trying to find Julia, the crew must convince Ariella that what she is feeling for Jordan, whether positive or negative, can not get in the way of possibly helping two innocent people - one of whom she loves - stay alive in a horrible situation.

Episode 1x10: In the season finale, the Asteria pulls together in order to rescue the Carr siblings. The people at the heart of this conspiracy are determined to silence the crew, and all they have to depend on are each other as they pull off the most daring mission in the history of Singulariy Investigations.

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